Occupational therapy

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Occupational therapy is the science that aims to promote health, prevent or compensate for the complications of a permanent disability and preserve patient’s functionality. It is aimed at people with mental, physical, developmental and / or emotional disorders and uses treatments to help individuals not only improve their basic motor functions and their reasoning abilities, but to compensate for the permanent loss of function.

THESEUS occupational therapists achieve this result by helping individuals become able to carry out activities that enhance their ability to participate in daily living activities or by modifying their physical environment in order to better support their participation.

The functionality of a person is restored through pleasant activities such as painting, playing, pottery, pastry, embroidery, textile work, etc. Α careful analysis and modification of the patient’s personal space is designed following a visit at their home.

Rehabilitation Equipment

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Advanced technology and the latest therapy equipment is the core of successful recovery and rapid reintegration.

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At «THESEUS» we offer quality services, focused on the actual needs of each patient, for the best possible reintegration into everyday life.