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THESEUS Recovery & Rehabilitation Center is housed on a 7,000 sqm plot with spaces designed to accommodate patients safely and comfortably. All the premises of “THESEUS” were designed and formed with the aim of creating an intimate environment that combines functionality with aesthetics so that each patient is served to the maximum.

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The building offers:

  • 58 beds in 30 nursing rooms with state-of-the-art medical equipment, the necessary diagnostic and medical equipment and easy access to all wheelchair accessible areas

  • Treatment facilities equipped with machines that accelerate recovery

  • Fitness centers with special therapeutic equipment

  • Pool with water track and pop-up bottom

  • Sports workshop with ergometer center

  • Therapeutic recreational park

  • Daily living room for disability education

  • Cafe – refectory with a view of the city of Athens and the sea horizon

Personalized therapies

At THESEUS Rehabilitation Center, we invest in human resources with specialized medical, therapeutic and nursing staff that focus on the patient ‘s actual needs and set the goals for their best reintegration into their everyday life.

Rehabilitation Equipment

«THESEUS» has the appropriate machinery to be able to provide excellent services in the field of rehabilitation.