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The nutrition department of THESEUS compiles a nutrition plan, educates and informs patients on the importance of nutrition for their physical and mental health.

Based on a tailored nutrition program, in combination with a specialised exercise list, we aim either to weight loss or increase, or to increase muscle fibre.

The nutritional assessment of outpatients includes the following:

  • Assessment of the overall condition of the individual.
  • Collection of information concerning the needs of the individual in terms of nutrients and the preservation of their good health.
  • Clinical examination of the individual to locate malnutrition symptoms, such as paleness, marasmus, koilonychia (spoon nails)
  • Taking and assessment of special characteristics.
  • Assessment of the nutritional uptake of the individual, following registration and analysis of the food consumed. The registration takes place by the individuals themselves or by the dietician, using a nutrition log.
  • Conduct of anthropometric examinations, which include weighing and measurement of height and waist / hip circumference. This is followed by analysing the metabolism and the composition of the individual’s body, using a lipometer.

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