Preventive Rehabilitation Medicine

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It aims to maintain good health and prevent disease. It consists of proper medication in combination with therapeutic exercise.

The Prevention Program includes:

  • Assessments by a physiatrist, internist, and cardiologist 
  • Laboratory & microbiological examinations
  • Body analysis
  • Gait-balance analysis
  • Ergophysiological examination
  • Clinical assessment

Bone testing and bone density measurement are optional:

Laboratory tests are selected based on gender, age and medical history. (Blood Count – Urinalysis – Glucose serum levels – Urea – Cholesterol – HDL – LDL – Triglycerides – Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate – TSH – Electrocardiogram)

Additional optional controls:

For Men – Prostate Test (PSA)
For women – Mammography – Pap smear test


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“Preventive Rehabilitation Medicine”

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