Day care hospitalization

Outpatient Therapy Rehabilitation Services

Therapies for everyone

At THESEUS Rehabilitation Center, Day Care Patients follow a one-on-one rehabilitation treatment designed by a team of physiatrists and implemented by licenced therapists.

Outpatient Therapy is a place where excellence in treatment and advanced technology come together to help people live their best.

Individual sessions of occupational therapy, aquatic therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, psychological support, acupuncture, nutrition, music therapy, prolotherapy are performed by experienced and specialized therapists.

With special expertise in rehabilitation, we offer cutting edge technology and proven techniques to identify the problem and to create a recovery plan.

Rehabilitation Diseases

At “THESEUS” we treat specific ailments for which we apply therapeutic protocols as well as innovative therapies, with specialized human resources and technological tools.

Specialized day care recovery programs

Wherever it is scientifically necessary or required by the patient, a specific, personalized program is designed to make the course of treatment more enjoyable, easier and more efficient.

Provided Services:

Our mission is to improve the clinical and functional status of patients, give them incentives and goals to reorganize their lives.

Physiatrist assessment


Functionality assessment based on recognized scales


Medical monitoring


Patient transport service with specially designed vehicle & car parking spaces


One-on-one therapy programs

Rehabilitation Equipment

Accurate and reliable equipment

Advanced technology and the latest therapy equipment is the core of successful recovery and rapid reintegration.

Frequent questions:

Who will supply me with my medicines as long as I am hospitalized?
“THESEUS” will ensure that you receive the medication prescribed by your treating physician for the duration of your hospitalization.
In addition to daytime, are there on-call doctors at night?
Yes, there are on-call doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Is there anything that medical bill does not cover?
Medical bill does not cover examinations and medication for ailments other than those required by law to be remedied. The patient will be required to pay for his statutory participation in special diagnostic tests.