Our therapies

Τogether in every effort

Scientific support & foundations

At THESEUS Rehabilitation Center, we provide high-quality health care and hospitalization to people with health or functionality issues. Whether inpatient or patient treatments, we have the infrastructure and scientific knowledge to accept all diseases of the nervous, heuristic, muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Physical therapy

Reduces pain, improves joint mobility, reduces & eliminates muscle contractions and prevents symptoms

Hydrotherapy - Therapeutic Pools

Relaxes muscles, reduces painful sensitivity & muscle spasms & facilitates movement of joints

Therapeutic massage

It fully or partially restores the functioning of the infected organs through specific massage treatments

Occupational therapy

Retains, restores or develops the daily life activities of people with mobility difficulties & reasoning abilities

Speech Therapy

It develops nonverbal and verbal communication, clarity of speech and voice and promotes speech production of those hard of hearing

Therapeutic Exercise

Maintains, improves, develops and restores coordination, mobility, strength, endurance and speed


Alternative treatment method recognized by the Greek State for improving the disordered flow of energy with therapeutic results

Music Therapy

It stimulates communication, speech and social skills in people who don t speak

Recovery from sports injuries

We combine scientific training, experience & innovative treatments with high technology for quick reintegration & optimum results.

Psychological support

It strengthens the patient’s inner-psychological powers in order to more effectively cope with their problems

We are here, for you!

At «THESEUS» we offer quality services, focused on the actual needs of each patient, for the best possible reintegration into everyday life.

Check out our facilities

Our patients are taken care of, in a 5 floor building with a friendly environment combining functionality and high aesthetics. 58 beds, 30 rooms of excellent specifications with advanced technology equipment serve our Inpatient and Outpatient guests.