Inpatient rehabilitation

Personalized care

We are by your side at each rehabilitation stage

Staying at THESEUS Rehabilitation Center becomes pleasant with the personalized 24-hour care of the experienced nursing staff and the daily medical follow-up of the patients process by a physiotherapist & intensive pathologist.

Rehabilitation sessions are based on a physiological assessment on a daily basis and in two zones of therapies (morning & afternoon) by certified therapists.

The individual nutrition of the patients is treated by a clinical nutritionist, according to the needs of the disease.

At “THESEUS” we treat holistically the diseases starting with the improvement of the pathological, cardiological, respiratory and mobility function along with the functions of swallowing and speech as well as with psychological support and cognitive rehabilitation sessions.

We apply alternative therapies of pathology, acupuncture, prolotherapy, musical therapy to reduce pain and help the patient recover strength in order to cope with his condition.

Rehabilitation Diseases

At “THESEUS” we treat specific ailments for which we apply therapeutic protocols as well as innovative therapies, with specialized human resources and technological tools.

Provided Services:

Our mission is to improve the clinical and functional status of patients, give them incentives and goals to reorganize their lives.

Social Worker Service


24-hour personalized nursing care


Remote Care Service - Telemedicine Recovery Consulting


Patient transport service with specially designed vehicle & car parking spaces


Therapeutic services

Rehabilitation Equipment

Accurate and reliable equipment

Advanced technology and the latest therapy equipment is the core of successful recovery and rapid reintegration.


Check out our facilities

Our building houses to its 5 floors the hospitalization units & 58 beds (30 rooms) of good specifications, with high tech equipment that serve Live-in and Day Care hospitalized patients.

Frequent questions:

How long will I need to stay at «THESEUS»?
The duration of stay and completion of the rehabilitation program is determined by the general condition of the patient and is decided by the Rehabilitation Team.
Can my carers be trained to help me after I return home?
Yes, there are training programs so that carers can support the patient providing quality services and safety. The goal is to meet the nursing needs and ways of maintaining the patient’s hygiene and transportation.
Having completed the inpatient rehabilitation program how can I continue the rehabilitation?
The Rehabilitation Team integrates you into a daily care plan depending on your needs.