Rehabilitation Equipment

Foundations for a quality life

Advanced Technology Equipment

The latest therapy equipment helps accelerate the path of recovery. Therapists are able, through specialized medical device simulators, to objectively evaluate the patient’s condition. Combined with the ultra-modern infrastructure of “THESEUS”, as well as the excellent scientific training of its physiotherapists in new technologies, it can provide excellent services in the field of rehabilitation.

Therapeutic pool

Indoor heated healing pool with special patient transfer crane, pop-up bottom and water track

Biodex Isokinetic System

The most advanced isokinetic system safely and effectively conducted in both healthy and weak populations

Upper Limb System (Armeo)

Outer-skeleton re-training system for upper limbs function, globally known as Armeo

Biodex Balance System

Balance platform for systemic recording of patient ‘s ability of balance & selection of appropriate rehabilitation protocols


Impressive results on musculoskeletal malfunctions and diseases

Radio wave therapy

Faster healing of tissues, reduction of pain, swelling & inflammation, increase of blood flow & shorter return to everyday life

Ultrasonic impact treatment

It activates the regenerative capacity of the tissue cells, increasing the blood supply and metabolism of the area

Air hydraulic equipment

Air Hydraulic training machines are used for the purpose of proper and safe strengthening & quality muscle building

Ergospirometry equipment

Procedure for drawing conclusions about the functioning of the heart, lungs and the whole body

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At «THESEUS» we offer quality services, focused on the actual needs of each patient, for the best possible reintegration into everyday life.