Corporate Social Responsibility

Together for health

Corporate Responsibility Policy

Our goal and priority in all aspects of THESEUS operation is to ensure a high level of patient-centered health and hospitality services.

We feel responsible towards the people who trust their health in our own hands, so we pursue corporate responsibility policies to respond immediately, effectively and with consistency to each patient’s real needs, for their best possible reintegration into their daily lives.

  • We apply a Code of Good Practice to all of our partners and healthcare professionals.
  • We prioritize people and their interests.
  • We provide comprehensive care with respect and dignity.
  • We respect medical confidentiality and protect patients’ privacy.
  • We ensure patient safety and promote the integrity of our partners.
  • We strengthen cooperation between the interdisciplinary team, where necessary.
  • We take responsibility for our work and reallign it based on the patient’s course.
  • We work with both the patient and their family for the most effective treatment.
  • We create relations of unity and trust with our colleagues and partners.
  • We take steps for the professional excellence and continued progress of our partners.
  • We have the quality of our services certified by ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15224:2016.

We maximize our credibility by implementing a Personal Data Safety and Management Policy (GDPR).